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RADPAD® 7000 Series

Approved in Canada




RADPAD® Drapes


Red: 3 layers, 0.38 mm of lead, 95% block

Orange: 2 layers, 0.25 mm of lead, 90% block 

Yellow: 1 layer, 0.125mm of lead, 75% block 

Blue: 0,50 layers, 0.712 mm of lead, 50% block

  • RADPAD®   RED/ORANGEFemoral Angiography Drape, 125"- Right Side

  • RADPAD® Red/ORANGE/YELLOW DADD Drape w/ 4"x 9" Fenestration 

  • RADPAD® ORANGE Pacing Biventricular Drape Left Side

  • RADPAD® ORANGE Pacing Biventricular Drape Right Side

  • RADPAD® ORANGE Simons Biventricular Drape, Left Side

  • RADPAD® ORANGE/YELLOW Pacing Bi-V Drape Left & Right side protection

  • RADPAD® RED/ORANGE/YELLOW Lateral View - Vertebroplasty/Kyphoplasty Drape


Available Product Codes (ref):

7100A-R, 7100A-O, 7100A-Y, 7200A-R, 7200A-O, 7200A-Y, 7300A-O, 7301A-O, 7310A-O, 7330A-O/Y, 7400-R, 7400-O, 7400-Y
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