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Approved in Canada


Argon Medical Devices


Biopsy Needles

For use with Bard® MAGNUM® and BIP High Speed Multi-Biopsy Instrument. High quality core biopsy needles provide histological specimens for diagnosis of suspect lesions.

Key Product Attributes

  • Unique hub design obsoletes needle spacers

  • A 19 mm sample notch ensures sufficient tissue for clinical diagnosis

  • Each needle has an echogenic tip, promoting accurate placement under ultrasound guidance

  • Numerically ordered centimeter markings facilitate depth placement

  • Hubs are color coded for easy gauge size determination

  • Can be used with echogenic co-axial introducer needles


Available Product Codes (ref):

Needles for use with the BARD MAGNUM Biopsy Instrument: 762614100, 762614130, 762614160, 762614200, 762616100, 762616160, 762618100, 762618130, 762618160, 762618200, 762618250, 762620100, 762620160, 762620200 Introducer Needles: MCXS1410MX, MCXS1416MX
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