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Scoreflex PTA

Approved in Canada




PTA Balloon Catheter

“Scoreflex PTA is a focused force dilatation balloon with a dual-wire system which creates a focal stress pattern to facilitate safe and controlled plaque modification at lower resolution pressure.” (ObusNeich)

Focused Force Angioplasty for the Treatment of Peripheral Arterial Stenosis.

Catheter for excellent deliverability

  • Continuous hub-to-tip metallic construction for enhanced pushability, with acombination of hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings to minimize friction


  • A short rapid exchange tip with the guidewire exit port proximal to the tip


  • A nitinol integral wire, welded from tip to hypotube, serving as one of the scoring elements


  • Two radiopaque markers on the integral wire aligned to the balloon shoulders

Improved Crossability

  • Hydro-X hydrophilic coating adds lubricity to reduce friction to enhance crossability

Improved Trackability

  • Invio hydrophobic coating is a water-repellent and minimizes guidewire friction


Available Product Codes (ref):

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