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Sapphire II PRO (1.0 mm - 1.5 mm)

Approved in Canada




Coronary Dilation Catheter

Sapphire II PRO is indicated for use in coronary and peripheral procedures. 

  • It uses a Nylon Balloon Material for more robust balloon material for a higher rated burst pressure. 

  • It also uses a Single Material Tip Tailored for CTO. The small size Sapphire II PRO has a single-material tip for a simpler construction. The shorter tip facilitate better tracking. And the low tip entry profile is engineered for very tight lesions


Available Product Codes (ref):

210-053-5UU, 210-083-5UU, 210-103-5UU, 210-153-5UU, 212-053-5UU, 212-083-5UU, 212-103-5UU, 212-153-5UU, 215-103-5UU, 215-123-5UU, 215-153-5UU, 215-203-5UU
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