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RADPAD® No Brainer®

Approved in Canada




X-Ray Protective Surgical Cap

RADPAD® Model 9100 NO BRAINER is a reusable, non sterile, x-ray protective surgical cap. It can be disposed of with common DASRI waste because it contains no lead or vinyl.

RADPAD® Model 9100 NO BRAINER has been specifically designed for the protection of workers exposed to scattered radiation during interventional radiology procedures with fluoroscopy.

RADPAD® Model 9100 NO BRAINER is available in 0.25mm lead equivalence for scattered radiation absorption up to 90% at 90kVp.

*The surgical cap RADPAD 9100 NO BRAINER is reusable but it is recommended to replace this device at least once a day.


Available Product Codes (ref):

9100-R, 9100-O, 9100-Y, 9100-B
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