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Hydrophilic Guidewire Blackeel ™

Approved in Canada


APT Medical


Blackeel™ Nitinol hydrophilic guidewire

Blackeel™ Nitinol hydrophilic guidewire with soft and atraumatic tip and Tungsten blended polymer to provide superior elasticity, kink resistance, torque control and high visibility. Durable hydrophilic coating of the wire ensures lubricity to pass through the tortuous vessels.

Excellent torque control

- Elastic material and integrated design allow 1:1 torque response to deliver the guidewire into the target vessel quickly.

Enhanced visibility

- Tungsten blended polymer ensures enhanced visibility under X-ray and enables accurate positioning.

Durable and lubricious performance

- Patented hydrophilic coating offers a durable and smooth approach possible even in tortuous vessels.

Soft and Atraumatic Tip

- Tapered design ensures a soft and atraumatic tip to cross tortuous anatomy.


Available Product Codes (ref):

10A11812, 10A11815, 10A11818, 10A12512, 10A13212, 10A13512, 10A13812, 10S12512, 10S13212, 10S13512, 10S13812, 10J52512, 10J53212, 10J53512, 10J53812, 10A12515, 10A13215, 10A13515, 10A13815, 10S12515, 10S13215, 10S13515, 10S13815, 10J52515, 10J53215, 10J53515, 10J53815, 10A12518, 10A13218, 10A13518, 10A13818, 10S12518, 10S13218, 10S13518, 10S13818, 10J52518, 10J53218, 10A12522, 10A13222, 10A13522, 10A13822, 10S12522, 10S13222, 10S13522, 10S13822, 10A12526, 10A13226, 10A13526, 10A13826, 10S12526, 10S13226, 10S13526, 10S13826, 10J52526, 10J53226, 10J53526, 10J53826, 10A22515, 10A23215, 10A23515, 10A23815, 10S23515, 10S23815, 10A22518, 10A23218, 10A23518, 10A23818, 10S23518, 10S23818, 10A23522, 10A23822, 10A23526, 10A23826, 10S23526, 10S23826
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