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Hawkins™ II

Approved in Canada


Argon Medical Devices


Repositionable Breast Localization Needles

Hawkins™ II BLN is repositionable to achieve accurate placement.

Key Product Attributes

  • Available in two wire choices: FlexStrand™, a 19-strand cable for maximum flexibility with minimal risk of transection, or a traditional hardwire, which minimizes flex during placement

  • Both wires offer a side barb for temporary fixation during a confirming mammogram. The needle is easily repositioned, if necessary

  • Easy-to-read centimeter markings facilitate depth placement

  • Throated needle hub for easy wire loading

  • Skin retention clip prevents forward migration of wire during patient transport

  • Wire is marked in three places: I indicates wire at distal tip of needle; II indicates side barb deployment; and III indicates distal barb deployment

  • Standard marking cannula on wire, beginning 2.5cm from distal tip, serves as a landmark for the surgeon


Available Product Codes (ref):

252100, 252050, 252075
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