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Galt Tearaway

Approved in Canada


Galt Medical


Tearaway Introducers

GALT’s Tearaway Introducer Sets & Kits combine precision ergonomic design with the high
quality expected in fine medical devices. Each introducer system provides consistent performance, and offers a variety of kit configurations for every need. The smooth transition, easy and secure lock, funnel lead-in and unique patented ergonomic hub design add to a successful access every time.

  • 14cm, 30cm, 44cm, and 50cm lengths available.

  • Sizes available from 4Fr-16Fr, including some half sizes.

  • Full kits or individual sets.

  • For 5cm and 10cm tearaway introducers, please visit the Micro-Access product section.


Available Product Codes (ref):

Kit-009-03, Kit-009-04, Kit-009-05, Kit-009-07, INT-105-02, INT-105-04, INT-105-06, INT-105-07, INT-105-08, INT-105-09, INT-105-11, INT-105-13, INT-105-14, INT-105-16, INT-105-17, INT-105-18, INT-105-19, INT-105-21, INT-105-57, INT-105-25, INT-105-29, INT-105-33, INT-105-34, INT-105-37, INT-105-41, INT-105-45, INT-105-53, INT-106-31, INT-106-33, INT-106-09, INT-106-07, INT-106-37, INT-101-02, INT-101-14, INT-101-15, INT-101-03, INT-106-00, INT-106-01, INT-106-02, INT-106-03, INT-106-04, INT-106-05, INT-106-06, INT-107-30, INT-107-40, INT-107-50, INT-107-60, INT-106-10, INT-106-11, INT-106-12, INT-106-13, INT-106-14, INT-106-15, INT-106-16, INT-106-20, INT-106-17, Kit-051-00, Kit-051-01, Kit-051-02, Kit-051-03, Kit-051-13, Kit-051-04, Kit-051-13, Kit-051-05, Kit-051-06, Kit-051-11, Kit-010-00, Kit-010-01, Kit-010-02, Kit-010-03, Kit-010-04, Kit-010-05, Kit-010-37, Kit-010-12, Kit-010-14, Kit-010-15, Kit-010-17, VTI-007-05, VTI-007-06, VTI-007-07, VTI-007-08, VTI-007-09, VTI-007-10, VTI-007-11, VTI-007-12, VTI-007-13, VTI-007-14, VTI-007-15, VTI-007-16
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