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Galt Needles

Approved in Canada


Galt Medical


Percutaneous Entry Thinwall Needles

Galt Medical Corp. offers a variety of bulk non-sterile and separate sterile accessories for procedures. Stocking separate sterile components prevents the need to open an entire procedure kit for just one item. 

  • Percutaneous Entry Thinwall Needles

  • Packaged separate sterile

  • Available in 2.5cm, 4cm and 7cm lengths

  • Smooth tip or Echogenic tip for enhanced visibility

  • Needle bevel indicator on hub to identify bevel location


Available Product Codes (ref):

Percutaneous Entry Thinwall Needle Codes: NDL-100-00, NDL-100-09, NDL-100-10, NDL-100-32, NDL-100-17, NDL-100-18, NDL-100-21, NDL-100-22, NDL-100-29, NDL-100-30 Diagnostic Needle Codes: NDL-101-00, NDL-109-00, NDL-109-01
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