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Galt Guidewires

Approved in Canada


Galt Medical


Access Guidewires

GALT’s Specialty Guidewires combine added precision and design needed for today’s advanced and complex interventional procedures. Intended for use with diagnostic and therapeutic catheters, and interventional devices within the coronary and peripheral vasculature.

  • Smooth transition between tip and core.

  • Stainless, nitinol, and platinum configurations.

  • Variety of offerings from .008” diameter to 300cm.

  • PTFE coated Bentson wires.

  • Wide variety of options are available including length markings, floppy tips, and angled tips.


Available Product Codes (ref):

SGW-015-02, SGW-015-03, SGW-015-14, SGW-019-40, SGW-019-30, SGW-019-32, SGW-022-11, SGW-019-34, SGW-022-13, SGW-056-62, SGW-056-60, SGW-056-61, SGW-056-01, SGW-056-02, SGW-056-03, SGW-035-02, SGW-035-04, SGW-035-05, SGW-035-07, SGW-011-08, SGW-011-20, SGW-051-06, SGW-051-08, SGW-051-03, SGW-051-07, SGW-051-09, SGW-051-04
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