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Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA)

Approved in Canada


Argon Medical Devices


Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy Needles

Our traditional FNA biopsy needles harvest aspirate for cytological evaluations or specimens for histological evaluations.

Key Product Attributes

  • Each needle has numerically ordered centimeter markings on the outer cannula to provide reference for depth placement

  • Needles feature an adjustable needle stop which allows the user to restrict forward movement, localizing the needle tip to the biopsy site

  • Color coded stylet hubs indicate gauge size of needles

  • Available in a variety of gauge sizes and centimeter lengths

  • Available with an echogenic tip on the outer cannula to promote accurate placement under ultrasound guidance


Available Product Codes (ref):

MSPN1806, MSPN1803, MSPN2006, MSPN2003, MSPN2206, MSPN2206US, MSPN2208, MSPN2203, MSPN2203US, MLS1001, MGN2206X, MWN2006, MWN2006US, MWN2008, MWN2008US, MWN2003, MWN2003US, MWN2206, MWN2208, MWN2203, MWN2203US
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