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Embozene Tandem Microspheres

Approved in Canada




Precisely Calibrated Drug-Eluting Microspheres

Precision. Flexibility. Control.

  • Calibration
    Tightly calibrated to enable more choices for embolization

  • Drug Loading
    Microsphere sizes remain stable during drug loading and storage; typical size change is less than 5%

  • Fast drug loading times
    30-120 minutes depending on prescription

  • Capable of loading up to 50 mg of drug / ml microspheres:
    - doxorubicin-HCl powder or solution - irinotecan-HCl

  • Three sizes offered in 2 and 3 mL of product per syringe
    From 40 μm to 100 μm

  • Three-year shelf life
    From date of manufacture


Available Product Codes (ref):

10420-TS0, 10430-TS0, 10720-TS0, 10730-TS0, 11020-TS0, 11030-TS0
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