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Cryocare TOUCH™ System

Approved in Canada




Advanced Sculpting Precision

Transforming the Interventional Oncology landscape begins with building a foundation on one intelligent innovation.


Interventional Radiologists can treat almost any cancer. At Varian, we're deeply committed to partnering with our customers to develop intelligent, innovative treatment solutions.

  • Integrated touch screen user interface to control and monitor the procedure

  • Compact, easy-to-operate console and remote control keypad for operational flexibility

  • Real-time readout of the argon and helium system pressures during the procedure


The control, precision, and reliability offered by the CryoCare Touch system and V-Probe Adjustable Isotherm inspire more confident decision-making.

  • Capable of producing an array of "ice-ball" settings in a single probe

  • Control the size of the isotherm by moving an adjustable slider with your thumb.

  • Connect up to eight independent TempProbes and up to eight single-use, disposable cryoprobes


Varian is committed to offering products and services that facilitate collaboration and broaden the Interventional Radiologist's influential role in delivering enhanced patient outcomes.

  • Inspires opportunities for you and your team to make more meaningful and definitive patient impact

  • First of many intelligent advancements to come in Varian’s Interventional Oncology portfolio


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