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Cryocare Probes and Accessories

Approved in Canada




Temperature Probe, Renal Probes, Urethral Warming Catheter, Cryoprobe Instrument

Cryocare instruments and accessories for the Cryocare TOUCH™ System

Right-angled design allows Cryoprobe
to be utilized in CT scanners. Available
in multiple sizes and lengths.

5 Position variable cryoprobe instrument

  • Next generation technology allows physicians to adjust the length of the isotherm to fit the prostate

  • Works with Endocare’s intraoperative prostate planning software to calculate cryoprobe placement and iceball length

  • Variable slider creates 5 different isotherms from the same cryoprobe; 1.5cm to 5.0cm

Different size probes and accessories available. Please refer to brochure for more details. 


Available Product Codes (ref):

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