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BioPince Ultra®

Approved in Canada


Argon Medical Devices


Full Core Biopsy Instrument

BioPince™ Ultra Full Core Biopsy Instrument is the next generation of full core biopsy technology.

Coaxial Cannula Bundle Packaged with a sharp and blunt stylet for use with BioPince Ultra Biopsy Instrument.

Key Product Attributes:

  • Designed to capture a full core specimen using tri-axial core cut and capture system to harvest diagnostic quality specimens

  • Reducing risk of crush artifact and tissue fragmentation

  • Variable throw lengths enhance clinical flexibility: 13mm throw yields 9mm specimen length, 23mm throw yields 19mm specimen length, 33mm throw yields 29mm specimen length

  • Green ready indicator

  • Forward trigger for flexibility in approach

  • Centimeter markings provide reference for depth placement

  • Color-coded rear trigger for gauge indentification

  • Can be used with optional echogenic co-axial introducer needles

  • Better glomerular yield within 16G BioPince instrument compared to a 14G tru-cut needle


Available Product Codes (ref):

370-1080-02, 370-1080-03, 370-1580-03, 370-1580-02, 360-1080-02, 360-1080-03, 360-1580-02, 360-1580-03, 360-2080-02, 360-2080-03
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