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Approved in Canada


Argon Medical Devices


Vascular Snare Kit

Designed to fit a range of vessel sizes, the presence of three loops increases the probability of foreign body capture and provides a distinct advantage when working in confined spaces.

Key Product Attributes

  • Multiple, independent, short profile loops with tips on each loop allow for self-sizing to adjust to changing vessel diameter and complete vessel coverage

  • Platinum strands provide excellent fluoroscopic visualization

  • Shaft and loops made with nitinol wire for 1:1 torque control and kink-resistance

  • 15° angled tip (6F and 7F sizes only) on catheter assists with navigation through tortuous anatomy

  • Radiopaque band on catheter for increased visibility under fluoroscopy

  • Kit includes an Atrieve™ Vascular Snare, delivery catheter, introducer and torque device


Available Product Codes (ref):

382006020, 382007030, 381003004, 382007045, 381003008, 382006010, 382006015
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