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Adelante® Safesheath® Ultra Lite

Approved in Canada




Hemostatic valve peel away introducer system

The Adelante Safesheath Ultra Lite Peel Away Introducer System, features a specially engineered valve membrane that allows for reduced insertion forces during procedures.


  • Specially designed membrane allows effortless insertion and removal of ports and central venous catheters

  • Consistently clean and smooth peel

  • Ergonomically designed, easy splitting breakaway hub

  • French size printed on handle and indicated by color-coded introducer cap

  • Screw-locking dilator connector

  • Smooth dilator/sheath transition

  • Decreased risk of blood loss and air embolism

  • Standard 13cm length with a wide range of French sizes available

SET includes:

  • One Adelante Safesheath Ultra peel away sheath

  • One dilator


Available Product Codes (ref):

ASUP051318P, ASUP061318P, ASUP071318P, ASUP081318P, ASUP851318P, ASUP091318P, ASUP101318P, ASUP111318P, ASUP131318P, ASUP151318P, ASUP161318P
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