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Approved in Canada


Argon Medical Devices


Amplatz Guidewires

WORKER™ Amplatz guidewires are manufactured with a pre-coating technique offering a safe and flexible guidewire. The PTFE coating used reduces friction. The Large Stainless Steel (SS) Core with SS Flat-Wire Coils increases rigidity, tactile feedback, and support while advancing catheters through the vasculature. All guidewires are packed in a circular dispenser facilitating easy flushing of the guidewire.

Key Product Attributes
  • Low friction due to PTFE coating

  • Malleable tip

  • Color-coded guidewire straightener holds the wire in the dispenser and provides easy introduction in the puncture needle or catheter


Available Product Codes (ref):

124235150, 124235090, 124135150, 124035150, 124135180, 124035180, 124135260, 124035260, 124135080, 124035090
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