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Approved in Canada


Galt Medical


Transitionless Guidewires

Galt Medical Corp. introduces a Transitonless Nitinol Guidewire. Designed to become your go-to wire, The Transitonless Nitinol Guidewire guidewire offers a Nitinol kink-resistant core with a radiopaque Gold tip for enhanced visibility.

  • The Torx™ guidewire uses a proprietary transitionless construction for improved navigation during challenging interventional cases.

  • The Torx™ guidewire has a number of features including a solid Nitinol core which provides flexibility and kink resistance, a Galt Gold™ coiled tip that allows for enhanced visualization, and a coating designed for maximum control and durability throughout the procedure.


  • The Torx™ line of guidewires is available in a variety of diameters, tip lengths, and angles for a wide range of applications.


Available Product Codes (ref):

SGW-038-05, SGW-038-06, SGW-038-07, SGW-038-00, SGW-038-01, SGW-038-02, SGW-038-08, SGW-038-13, SGW-038-03, SGW-038-04, SGW-038-14
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