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Galt VTI

Approved in Canada


Galt Medical


Valved Tearaway Introducers

Valved Tearaway Introducers feature an integrated hemostasis valve, balancing decreased risk of blood loss and air embolism with ease of catheter insertions.

  • Ergonomic design with smooth transition

  • Easy, secure dilator locking mechanism

  • PTFE materials allowing for consistent peel

  • Available from 5Fr to 16Fr


Available Product Codes (ref):

VTI-007-05, VTI-007-06, VTI-007-07, VTI-007-08, VTI-007-09, VTI-007-10, VTI-007-11, VTI-007-12, VTI-007-13, VTI-007-14, VTI-007-15, VTI-007-16
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