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Disposable Inflation Device

Approved in Canada


Sunny Medical


Disposable Balloon Inflation Devices

Available in 30 atm and 40 atm/bar.

Sterile Tyvek-plastic disposable S-Type inflation device.


  • Square shape handle applies to different sizes of hands.

  • Chinese knots on handle prevent slippery on holding.

  • Soft cover on deflation release button reduces deflation vibration.


Available Product Codes (ref):

SM-ID-S3040H-TB, SM-ID-S3030H-TB, SM-ID-A2530-TB, SM-ID-A2530H-TB, SM-ID-F3030-TB, SM-ID-F3030H-TB, SM-ID-S3030-TB, SM-ID-S3040-TB, SM-ID-A2530HC14-TB, SM-ID-A2530HP14-TB, SM-ID-A2530HS14-TB, SM-ID-F3030HC14-TB, SM-ID-F3030HP14-TB, SM-ID-F3030HS14-TB, SM-ID-S3030HC14-TB, SM-ID-S3030HP14-TB, SM-ID-S3030HS14-TB, SM-ID-S3040HC14-TB, SM-ID-S3040HP14-TB, SM-ID-S3040HS14-TB
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