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Centeze ™ Centesis Catheter

Approved in Canada


Galt Medical


Centesis Catheter

Sizes include 4Fr x 7 and 10cm lengths; 5Fr x 7,10, and 15cm lengths
Features 3 large oval/skived holes

  • Aids in maximum drainage and reduction of clogging.

  • Tapered tip, smooth transition and siliconized catheter.

  • Aids in insertion.

  • Echogenic needle with bevel indicator.

  • Aids in visibility.

  • Clear needle hub.

  • Easy to see flashback confirmation.


Available Product Codes (ref):

DRC-002-01, DRC-002-04, DRC-002-02, DRC-002-05, DRC-002-08, DRC-002-06
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