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Adelante Breezeway T-Series

Approved in Canada




Guiding Sheath With Hemostatic Valve

The Adelante® Breezeway® guiding sheath is intended for the percutaneous introduction of various types of cardiovascular catheters to all chambers of the heart, including transseptal puncture. The Adelante® Breezeway® features a proprietary braided Flexsteer™ hydrophobic coated sheath and the latest SureSeal™ technology.


  • Reliable Flexsteer™ reinforced braid technology provides exceptional control, kink resistance, while maintaining optimal flexibility

  • Advanced SureSeal™ hemostatic valve technology to minimize air embolism and blood loss even under extreme conditions

  • Proprietary hydrophobic coated sheath technology, enabling smooth access

  • Tapered dilator to improve access

  • Superior curve retention for reliable catheter placement

  • Soft atraumatic distal tip with radiopaque marker band enabling accurate positioning under fluoroscopy

  • Sideport holes on distal end for easy catheter aspiration and flushing

  • Accepts maximum guidewire up to 0.035″/0.89 mm


Available Product Codes (ref):

AB081210, AB081211, AB101218, AB101219, AB081040, AB081044, AB101072, AB101076, AB081041, AB081045, AB101073, AB101077, AB081042, AB081046, AB101074, AB101078, AB081043, AB081047, AB101075, AB101079
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