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Adelante® Safesheath® II

Approved in Canada




Hemostatic valve peel away introducer system with side port

This generation peel away introducer features the latest lubricated hemostatic valve membrane that provides low insertion forces during procedures. It also includes a side port with a 3-way stopcock that provides a convenient means of aspirating and flushing the introducer.


  • Product Feature

  • Lubricated hemostatic valve to reduce the risk of blood loss and air embolism

  • Sideport with 3-way stopcock for infusion and contrast injection

  • Consistently clean and smooth peel

  • Ergonomic, easy-splitting break-away hub

  • French size printed on handle and indicated by color coded introducer cap

  • Snap-locking dilator connector

  • Accepts maximum guidewire up to0.38″/0.96 mm

KIT includes:

  • (1) One SafeSheath® peel-away sheath

  • (1) One dilator

  • (1) One guidewire (up to 0.038”/0.96 mm) with a flexible straight and J tip with straightener

  • (1) One needle with protector

  • (1) One syringe


Available Product Codes (ref):

AS06013B5, AS07013B5, AS08013B5, AS85013B5, AS09013B5, AS95013B5, AS10013B5, AS10513B5, AS11013B5, AS12013B5, AS12513B5, AS06023B5, AS07023B5, AS08023B5, AS09023B5, AS10023B5, AS10523B5, AS11023B5
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