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Interventional cardiology, Interventional radiology, Vascular surgery

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The Multi-Snare® Micro is a multiple, especially small retrieval loop for interventional (neuro-)radiology and cardiology. The highly-efficient, dual-plane design of the Multi-Snare® Micro device makes it possible to grasp objects from any angle.


  • Dual-plane system  In addition to the main loop, the Multi-Snare® Micro also features an additional, lateral retrieval function.

  • These two planes enable objects of all kinds to be grasped quickly and safely.

  • Variable loop size  The diameter of the loop on the Multi-Snare® Micro can be easily adjusted to the exact size of the object to be retrieved.

  • Very small or distal blood vessels  Thanks to its very thin, long catheter and the small diameter of the loop, the Multi-Snare® Micro set is suitable for use in distal (pre-capillary) blood vessels and capillaries.


  • Dual-plane system for retrieval using the loop or for lateral grasping.

  • Radiopaque loop made from coiled platinum wire.

  • High tensile strength thanks to flexible nitinol core wire.

  • Low-profile introducer sheath (3 F minimum).

  • The loops can be rotated 360°.

  • Reduced friction, direct 1:1 torque and excellent leverage during application.

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