ASEPT® Drainage Kit (600ml-1,000ml)




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Home pleural and peritoneal drainage system available in 600ml and 1,000ml.

Countries of availability:

Canada, International

The ASEPT® Drainage Kit enables with a volume of 600ml or 1,000ml ascites be drained on an outpatient basis. The kit includes all of the consumables which are required to ensure a hygienic drainage.

  • Safely pre-evacuated  The bottles have been pre-evacuated and are under negative pressure. The effusion fluid is simply suctioned by it being connected to the ASEPT® catheter. A vacuum indicator (please refer to the detailed image) displays the functionality of the bottle. No additional devices are required for the drainage.


  • Complete  The ASEPT® Drainage Kits include sterile consumables which can be used to sterilise the valve and cover the ASEPT® catheter.

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