ALN Vena Cava Filter


Vena cava filter


Pulmonary embolism protection


Interventional radiology, Vascular surgery


New ALN Vena Cava Filter with Hook !

Countries of availability:


The ALN Filter with Hook has the same features as the OPTIONAL ALN Vena Cava Filter :

  • Stainless Steel – MRI Compatible – Non magnetic

  • Not thrombogenic due to : no soldering joints, less than 1 gram, design

  • The risk of break is reduced : the struts are crimped

  • Keeps its final spatial form due to the filter holder : no reported cases of non-opening of the filter

You have the choice to retrieve the ALN Filter with Hook using one of the ALN Removal Kits (straight, pre-curved, 2 in 1) or using a Snare.


The new poplieteal vein route allows placement of vena cava filter and treatment of DVT without additional handling of the patient.

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